Creative Kids Elementary  High School

Upcoming Events

Continental Day: this is a day for the celebration of different countries in each continent. The pupils,staff and parents are expected to put on costume of the continent they represent ,come with their foods, art work and any other thing special to their continent. They must be able to speak at least the language of a country in their continent and lots more.

Book Fair: This is a show case of books and other educational materials by different publication company and marketers. Parents are expected to come in and get books and other educational materials for their child or for their personal use

End of year play: This is the presentation of an epic play in an epic setting by the pupils of Creative kids Academy. Parents, friends, and well-wisher are to come and see the play at a token fee.

Graduation/Price Given Day: this is a day for merriment and reward. The grade SIX pupils shall be sent forth in a larger society (Secondary School) while the Nursery two pupils shall be welcomed into primary section. More so, pupils, parents and staff shall be rewarded for a job well done.